With over seven years of experience in the digital marketing world, I've worked for small businesses, mid-level e-commerce enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies.


Starting my career in analytics, I dove right into a digital analyst role straight out of college. I gained a solid understanding of analytics through an in-depth series of immersive training, including Adobe Analytics Implementation Training, and User Training the first few weeks of my analytics career. Picking up on every other tool I could find along the way, I quickly came up to speed on e-commerce analytics, strategy, and reporting, and was presenting my analysis to Executive-level stakeholders before I knew it. 

Soon enough, I had gained a level of knowledge that allowed me to outgrow the opportunities that were available in Southern Oregon's e-commerce businesses, and was offered an opportunity to come to the Dallas area and begin a new chapter. Since coming to the DFW area, I have assisted with the implementation of Adobe Analytics for numerous small to midsize e-commerce retailers, while providing impactful analysis and insights that have driven bottom-line growth and shaved costs. 

Previously responsible for the delivery of the same type of implementation skills and analytical expertise at the telecom juggernaut AT&T, I also served the digital analytics needs for global hospitality titan Hilton. I’ve led a team responsible for providing analytics and insights to Toyota Motors North America, and currently work for Adobe

When not elbow-deep in data, I also assist the Digital Analytics Association as a Dallas Chapter Leader, responsible in part for the planning and execution of multiple yearly events and symposia. More recently, I’ve spoken at DAA Dallas Chapter events, the 2019 Analytics Nexus, and at Adobe Summit 2019 as an Analytics Rockstar.

I spend every spare moment I can with my amazing wife of nearly ten years, and my two wonderful children. I am a huge live music fan, and somewhat of a lifelong musician. I thoroughly enjoy a great local brew, and would be happy to talk anytime about horsepower, football, theater, and quantum theory. I try to find the humor in all things, and the best in everyone. 

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Tools and skills 

I've picked up a few things along the way.

  • Adobe Analytics

    • Implementation, Reporting, Administration, Dashboarding, Standardization, The Works.

    • Adobe Certified Expert Analyst (ACE): Data Workbench

    • Adobe Certified Expert Architect (ACE): Data Workbench

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Data Studio

  • DoubleClick/DCM

  • Microsoft Certified Application Specialist in Excel

  • Quickbase, JIRA, SharePoint, Slack

  • ExactTarget, BrightEdge, TrackingFirst, ObservePoint

  • eBay, Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook Analytics

  • Digital Tagging, Debugging and Troubleshooting

  • Digital Analytics Association Certified Web Analyst (CWA)