With over six years of experience in the digital marketing world, I've worked for small businesses, mid-level e-commerce enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies.


Starting my career in analytics, I dove right into a digital analyst role straight out of college. I gained a solid understanding of analytics through an in-depth series of immersive training, including Adobe Analytics Implementation Training, and User Training the first few weeks of my analytics career. Picking up on every other tool I could find along the way, I quickly came up to speed on e-commerce analytics, strategy, and reporting, and was presenting my analysis to Executive-level stakeholders before I knew it. 

Soon enough, I had gained a level of knowledge that allowed me to outgrow the opportunities that were available in Southern Oregon's e-commerce businesses, and was offered an opportunity to come to the Dallas area and begin a new chapter. Since coming to the DFW area, I have assisted with the implementation of Adobe Analytics for numerous small to midsize e-commerce retailers, while providing impactful analysis and insights that have driven bottom-line growth and shaved costs. Previously responsible for the delivery of the same type of implementation skills and analytical expertise at the telecom juggernaut AT&T, I also served the digital analytics needs for global hospitality titan Hilton. Iā€™m now leading a team responsible for providing analytics and insights to Toyota Motors North America. 

When not elbow-deep in data, I also assist the Digital Analytics Association as a Dallas Chapter Leader, responsible in part for the planning and execution of multiple yearly events and symposia.

I spend every spare moment I can with my amazing wife of nearly eight years, and my two wonderful children. I am a huge live music fan, and somewhat of a lifelong musician. I thoroughly enjoy a great local brew, and would be happy to talk anytime about horsepower, football, theater, and quantum theory. I try to find the humor in all things, and the best in everyone. 

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Tools and skills 

I've picked up a few things along the way.

  • Adobe Analytics

    • Implementation, Reporting, Administration, Dashboarding, Standardization, The Works.

    • Adobe Certified Expert Analyst (ACE): Data Workbench

    • Adobe Certified Expert Architect (ACE): Data Workbench

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Data Studio

  • DoubleClick/DCM

  • Microsoft Certified Application Specialist in Excel

  • Quickbase, JIRA, SharePoint, Slack

  • ExactTarget, BrightEdge, TrackingFirst, ObservePoint

  • eBay, Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook Analytics

  • Digital Tagging, Debugging and Troubleshooting

  • Digital Analytics Association Certified Web Analyst (CWA)